Eco Friendly

Preserving Our Beautiful Earth

We care deeply for the pieces we make, the way we make them and the impact that has on the environment. Our wood is sustainably farmed in Washington state. We minimize waste by recycling all our wood by-products. Our saw dust shavings are donated to a local stable, our wood off cuts are used to make protective packaging. The paints and stains we use, comply with low VOC regulations. We offer custom ‘green’ finishes and by request we sell our furniture as 100 percent organic, raw wood pieces.

By designing our beds to eliminate the need for a box spring, we are minimizing land fill waste. Your mattress can happily be supported by our bed slat configuration. As a company, we aim to be environmentally aware every day. From biodegradable cardboard to the cloths we use to apply wax to our wood furniture. Our team of artisans practice green commitment, with reusable water and food containers.